Saturday, May 19, 2012

Your Strengths Are Your Weaknesses

Those things that we do well can also be our greatest liabilities. Like a double-edged sword, a strength is also a weakness. The greater the strength, the greater the potential weakness and liability. Consider that....

  • Physical strength can limit your flexibility
  • Determination can become stubbornness
  • Confidence can become arrogance
  • Discipline can make you narrow-minded
  • Analytical thinking can lead to over-thinking
  • Focus can close you off to new opportunities
  • Enthusiasm can make you act without thinking
  • Spontaneity can lead to undisciplined action
  • Meticulousness may become perfectionism
  • Resolve can lead to ruthlessness
  • Passion can become zeal and obsession
The list goes on...there is a counterbalance to everything. What personal traits are you most proud of? To what do these traits leave you vulnerable?