Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Big Companies Lose Their Way

I recently refinanced my home with a large bank, one that is publicly announcing that it wants to grow its market share to 40%. This lender currently controls 1 in 3 U.S. mortgages, and states that this is a result of doing a better job than its rivals. If my refinance experience is an example of doing a better job, this bank is sorely mistaken. This nationwide bank treated me as if they were doing me a favor by accepting my business, and either through neglect or bad faith, at three different times tried to extract thousands of dollars in additional fees. This episode demonstrates how a large organization can lose its way and cause its own downfall.

This leading nationwide mortgage lender attempted to raise fees at the very end of a 90-day refinance process, hoping that either I would not notice or would be so far along that I would cave in. I found out about the fee changes from the legal disclosure documents in the last days before closing. Three times, I was verbally assured that their original fee structure would be honored and then later received written documentation to the contrary. Each time, I had to make numerous phone calls to confront and resolve the undisclosed fee changes.