Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Reasons to Blog

I am new to blogging.  Until recently, I paid little attention to social media.  I thought that I was getting an informed and balanced perspective from a wide cross-section of conventional media. About two months ago, I decided to write a blog and began reading others to learn the unwritten rules and protocols. What I found is astounding: there is deep value and insight in the many voices, and there is a vibrant virtual community out there.

After reading numerous blogs, I started to discern patterns in the intentions of writers. Although some promote products or attempt to build their brands, most seem to blog just to share experiences and for the simple pleasure of writing. Here are my five reasons for blogging on leadership and business practices:

#1 to give back
I have been very fortunate to have mentors who have shared their wisdom and experiences with me. Also, I have learned lessons by doing many of the wrong things (yes, we can learn from mistakes).  I am sharing insights that I have gained from building a business from the ground up. I hope that new entrepreneurs might use this to their advantage.

#2 to practice leadership skills
I believe that storytelling is an important leadership skill that should be developed and practiced.  Blogging allows me to practice telling stories that directly relate to the subject matter of leadership and entrepreneurship.

#3 to share my beliefs
I strongly believe in openness and transparency.  Openly sharing my thoughts and perspectives with my organization, our customers, our partners, and everyone else provides a sense of who I am and what I believe in.  This view into my beliefs and values will help everyone better understand our organization.

#4 to clarify & record my thoughts
Sometimes, I have vague or incomplete thoughts that need to be clarified and refined.  By committing these idea fragments to paper (o.k., electronic paper), I am able to work out many of the details and record those thoughts for future reference by myself and others.

#5 to network professionally
I have found a fantastic set of virtual colleagues who share my desire to learn and share experiences. This network of blogging professionals is expanding my reach beyond my industry and local business community. The diversity of experiences and perspectives from these other professionals is outstanding.

Why do you blog?
Please share your motivations.

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