Sunday, September 25, 2011

Optimism and A Can-Do Attitude

I have been accused of being an eternal optimist. This may be an accurate observation. Recently after returning from a funeral, I found myself commenting that "funerals are great because we get to see family and friends who we haven't seen in years." It all depends upon your perspective...

I do not know if optimism is learned or genetic, but I find it mostly to be a useful trait. I suspect that I am naturally wired for my glass-half-full perspective. I enjoy just about everything in life. Also, I believe optimism to be the foundation for my can-do attitude. I do not let pessimism and naysayers keep me from taking on new challenges and achieving my best. I remember being told that I could not do any number of things. Fortunately, I did not listen and found that I could accomplish most anything that I set my mind to. 

Having optimism and a can-do attitude is especially useful for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs struggle against great odds and the majority of startups fail within five years. Fortunately, an eternal optimist will believe that he can succeed where so many others fail. Like many attitudes, a can-do attitude is self-fulfilling. People have nearly unlimited resourcefulness and sheer will can overcome almost any obstacle. Optimism is essential to feed the enthusiasm and desire for success.

Optimism is also contagious. A strong positive belief is inspirational. The best leaders that I have known have been optimists. I believe that most people are inspired and motivated by a positive vision of what is possible. We want to believe in and strive towards an optimistic future. Encouragement from optimistic leaders will help us rise to challenges and reach our highest potentials.

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